Donna Capstone


Join us and be a part of bringing the inspiring original musical, A WORLD IN HARMONY, written and composed by Donna Capstone into manifestation. Be responsible for helping and doing your part to inspire and transform audiences to bring about A WORLD IN HARMONY .  Your contributions will help us make A WORLD IN HARMONY a reality by helping us to produce the MUSICAL THAT SHOWS THE WAY.  A WORLD IN HARMONY, THE MUSICAL is a symbolic story that communicates on many levels.  The musical will make you believe and know that humanity can live in harmony -- despite the violence and insane cruel acts committed by some -- harmony can manifest. Donna Capstone's A WORLD IN HARMONY - THE MUSICAL will map the way.


·  The most wonderful benefit and perhaps the greatest benefit to you as a contributor, although intangible, is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to manifest an inspiring and uplifting MUSICAL,  A WORLD IN HARMONY,  and caused one audience member after another to be uplifted and transformed.  In order to achieve the manifestation of this beautiful musical, a talented and experienced creative staff is being assembled.  Donna Capstone, the creator of the musical, and the composer of all of the songs, will direct. the musical. Funds raised by this campaign will in part be used to pay the Choreographer, the Lighting Director, Set Designer, the Tech Director, and the Music Co-ordinator.  In addition,


  The production will need at least six male dancers and six female dancers, at least eight singers/actors, and a lead male and female actor/singer crew, rehearsal space and performance venue(s). Your contributions will be used to help us mount and manifest,The Musical, A WORLD IN HARMONY. Donna has written and composed 18 beautiful songs interwoven into the musical of a story about a way that humanity can find harmony.  DONNA is an accomplished composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, recording artist, and concert performer.  DONNA sings and is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on the harp, guitar, piano, and synthesizers.  DONNA sings in multi-genres, performs and records original pop, country,  Broadway, and new millieum songs. DONNA's video on YouTube as been viewed by more than a half a million people and everyday fans sign up on the internet radio from almost every country in the world.

   Donna Capstone is a true artist.  She has been performing beautiful music before audiences, writing poems and lyrics, composing music, and orchestrating and producing her songs to her fans worldwide.  Donna is idealistic and wants every song she sings to touch your heart, enlighten your mind, and make you feel uplifted and inspired.  Donna has been doing just that in her concerts and on her albums. After Producing and Performing on several albums, Donna has written a Musical, A World In Harmony, that not only will inspire you to believe and know that humanity can live in harmony, but may transform everyone in the audience.

   At a recent concert, a fan from Boston wrote, "This was a one of a kind treat.  Particularly all the songs that are near and dear to your heart.  They were delightful.  I caught myself crying several time during your performance.  Don't get me wrong.  They weren't tears of sadness.  I was overcome by emotion because your songs and your performance in general touched my heart.  Your art built a bridge between your heart and mine.  It was like feeling drunk without having one drop of alcohol in my system.  That emotion had to come out... I can't tell you what it was that made me feel that way while I was listening to those beautiful songs, because I just don't know but something, some emotion, some spirit, something tangible just touched my heart."

  Others have responded similarly.  A San Francisco fan said after listening to DONNA's album, A FOREST OF LOVE,  Your songs make me feel so good.  It took my breath away.  I had to stop driving my car." One listener in New York City said, "I get goose bumps every time I listen to DONNA's album.  Her music and lyrics touch my heart." DONNA's original songs abound in rich luscious, sensuous inspired sounds of love creating aural pleasure.  DONNA orchestrates her songs creating a sympathetic and harmonious chord when you listen. DONNA can belt out a powerfully moving Broadway ballad and in the next moment transport you to a beautiful serene aural setting that can be heard by your ears, and felt by your heart. DONNA communicates the essence of a song.

  A WORLD IN HARMONY incorporates 18 of DONNA's beautiful songs.  Join us and be a part of bringing DONNA CAPSTONE's original musical, A WORLD IN HARMONY into manifestation. Besides being a contributor and helping us mount A WORLD IN HARMONY, please get the word out.  If you are on social media, tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends.

donna capstone